Over the years, we’ve specialized in customer service in the belief that at the machining accuracy has to match the precision in the care of the relationships with the customer.

Our fleet is among the most comprehensive in the field of micro precision turning and ensures optimal standards for production quality and precision machining.

With over 40 automatic lathes and CNC cams, we can meet all the needs of the client and follow the definition of the optimal production standards.

The production capacity ensures accuracy in delivery times.


40 cam automatic lathes and CNC (Computer Numerical Control)

Size worked:

from 0.3 to 0.5 mm in diameter


Brass, bronze, copper, nickel silver, stainless steels, temperabili, iron (AVP) Aluminum

Control tools:

Caliper, micrometer, dial gauge, surface roughness tester, profile projector


Heat treatment and galvanizing carried out on request of the customer.